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Hi everyone!

Please help me make my next video! As you know, making a music video really helps bring music to life and YouTube also just happens to be one of the most common ways people search for music these days. Some of my videos have won awards and I'm always striving to make high quality, fun videos that fit my music.

Here's my plan:

The Mechanic video will be illustrated, similar to the Magnolia video. My concept is to have a series of images that fit the story of the space mechanic (he's the cute little guy who lives on the moon and goes around fixing rockets.) First, I'll draw up a storyboard, scene by scene, to know exactly how the video will flow. There will likely be between 24 and 48 different "scenes". I'll then make a list of all the different types of images, which becomes the list of drawings I need the illustrator to make. For example, we'll need the mechanic facing left on his bike, a Venus girl in love with him, a few planets, a broken-down biker, etc. Once I have this list, I'll work with one of the illustrators who made the True Stories cover art, to draw each one. Next, I'll assemble the images together using Adobe AfterEffects. Finally, I'll upload the video to YouTube and begin a YouTube ad campaign to help drive people to watch it.

SAMPLE ARTWORKMike Field - True Stories

The illustrator will cost $2000. Adobe AfterEffects will cost $75 for a two-month subscription. The YouTube ad compaign will run at $200/month for three months. I'll spend roughly 100 hours organizing the video. So, with taxes and a small contingency, I can make it for $3000. As far as professional videos go, this one is not so expensive - but it still takes a tonne of time and definitely isn't free. So any help you can give will be hugely appreciated!.

You can give as much or as little as you like.

Please help me make this music by supporting us financially, and help make people happy around the world!

P.S. If you're not in a position to help financially, please share this page along with links to my music to people you think might be able to help.